Bringing fiscal sanity back to City Hall, protecting your tax dollars.

  • Will not spend millions of your money to buy Badlands Golf Course for the good of a ‘Select Few’.
  • Recently voted against city money for more sports ‘consultants’.
  • Fought against using tax payer funds to build multiple sports stadiums.
  • Voted against needless projects such as a city garage where no one would need to park or use.
  • Focus on responsible fiscal policy that has resulted in a balanced budget three of the last four years and a budget surplus.

Focusing on quality of life for all Ward 2 neighborhoods.

  • Actively supported Clark County Sheriff Lombardo in making Ward 2 safer with new Spring Valley Area Command.
  • Improved Hualapai Trailhead with needed facilities and amenities.
  • Created jobs by bringing new business to Ward 2 and Nevada.
  • Fixed unsafe traffic situations throughout Ward 2, including on Summerlin Parkway and the 215 Beltway, with cable barriers, medians, crosswalks, traffic lights and more.
  • Put a priority on providing fire, police and emergency services.